What does it mean to an author for Musical Gurus?

Being an author for Musical Gurus means you sell your audio files in our marketplace. You can sell all genres of audio files, samples, loops, beats, tracks and more. For a detailed list of all audio files you can sell on please click here.

How much money do I make off of each sale?

As an author you are guaranteed 80% commission off of everything that you sell in your store. We take pride in paying the highest amount of commissions compared to all other online marketplaces.

The official breakdown of the Author Dashboard.

As soon as you sign up to become and author you will be redirected to your Author Dashboard. (you can also get to it under your profile name in the menu) Let’s break down the Audio Dashboard tabs for you:

  • Dashboard tab: The Dashboard tab is where you’ll find comments that have been made about your products as well as your store URL. Use this URL to publish to your social media channels and tell others about it.
  • Products tab: This tab is where you’ll find all your products that you’ve uploaded. You can edit them from here or delete them as well as get a quick view of all the properties. (Name, status, price, how many purchases and the date it was uploaded.
  • Add Product tab: This tab is where you’ll upload all your products that you’re selling in your store.
  • Earnings tab: This tab tracks your earnings that you’ve made off of your sale of products.
  • Orders tab: This tab is where you can see what’s been purchased from your store. It shows the customer¬† and total amount and also gives you an easy view of the order as well as the date of the order.
  • Profile tab: This tab has several functions. First off it’s your author profile where you’ll put specific information about you as an author. You’ll also put your PayPal email address in this tab which is very important because that’s how you get paid. You also have a place for your bio which is displayed in your store. You can also upload an avatar from this tab that will display in your store and beside each of your products in the Musical Gurus marketplace. And finally you can set your social media channels in this tab.

If you still have questions about being an author please reach out to us at and we’ll get back with you within 24 hours. Or you can use the below contact form to reach out, whichever you prefer.