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What I was doing when I wrote this

It was a beautiful fall afternoon in Dallas, TX. Skies were clear and the temperature was a brisk 55 degrees. I was driving back to my 9-5 after lunch and quite often I’ll turn the radio down to come up with song ideas. So I pulled out my trusty iPhone and launched my voice recorder and said these words, “Pulsating, energetic yet fluid synth opening the track, backed by a techno kick and acoustic guitar”. I could hear the exact beat I wanted for this so I used my mouth and beat boxed it while recording. You may think this is silly, but song ideas hit you at the weirdest times. Because I’ve been doing this for several years now I have a library of notes, beat boxes and song melodies I can peruse through whenever my creation tank gets dry. So if you’re a songwriter, I highly recommend you start practicing this. Remember, writer’s block only happens to the unprepared.

I hope you like the track!

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