So you’re ready to become and author and sell your audio files with Musical Gurus? Great! You chose to the right marketplace. We give the highest commissions and we pay immediately when the sale is made.

We take pride in offering the highest-quality audio files on the market, so should you. As an author we encourage you to upload a number of things: audio music, samples, beats, tracks & loops. So whether you’re going to write some tracks or upload a bundle of samples, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are a 4 simple steps you need to before becoming an author with Musical Gurus:

#1 – Setup a PayPal account (either personal or business) 

This is extremely important because for one, you can’t even register to become and author without it, and two, you won’t get paid. The benefit of having it through PayPal is we can pay immediately after your make a sale instead of you having to wait a few days for a deposit. To sign up for a PayPal account click here.

#2 – Get your audio files together. (Formats accepted: WAV, AIF, MP3 or .ZIP)

NOTE: Decide on a good naming convention for your audio files. Like include the genre in your title (ex: The Funky Beat – Hip-Hop) this way people know the genre by simply looking at your audio file.

#3 – Get your artwork together for each audio file

Suggested size for artwork is at least 500×500 pixels.

#4 – Decide on how much you’re going to charge for your products

Keep in mind that you are allowed to charge as much or as little as you want for your products. But we highly recommend that you don’t overprice, especially as your establishing yourself as an author on Musical Gurus. The typical cost for a single audio file is $.99. If you created a bundle of samples or sounds you could charge up to $3.99. In order to get business, you need to be competitive so look at what the other authors are charging for their products and go from there. It’s even a good idea to throw a few free files in your portfolio for people to get to know you.

After you’ve got all your stuff together go back to the Author Registration page and register. Once you register you will be redirected to your Author’s Dashboard where you can conveniently add your products, refine your profile, tracks your sales and commissions all in one spot.

If you still have questions about becoming an author please visit our Help Center.

Thank you for choosing the Musical Gurus marketplace to sell your audio files to the masses. Happy selling!