As an author for Musical Gurus you can sell your audio files here and make 80% commission off of everything that’s sold through your store. It’s free to sign up as an author and all you need is a PayPal so you can get paid. Below is a list of what you can sell through your Musical Gurus store:

  • Music (w/lyrics or without lyrics)
  • Samples
  • Beats
  • Loops
  • Audio idents

Before you sign up to become an author we highly recommend that you  read The Definitive Author’s Guide.  Once you’ve read that and you’re ready to become and author simply sign up with the form below.

Once you register and sign in you’ll be immediately redirected to your Author Dashboard where you can fill out the rest of your profile, start uploading new products, tracking your commissions, sales & more.

If you have any questions or run into an issue please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or go to our Help Center.

Happy Selling!




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