So just what is all this noise I keep hearing about Social Media websites or Social Media Advertising (which isn’t just advertising on a social media website, it’s a whole campaign). All you hear lately is Social Media this and Social Media that. I’ll tell you what that noise is, its a BUZZ. A buzz is a constant, low-decible, noise that never stops getting louder, until eventually it overtakes everything else you could hear. And that’s my prediction for the Social Media crazed people out there, “The Social Media Scene is fixing to explode with new opportunities and websites making ways to new markets your business or website to just thrive in.”

So first, let’s talk about the players in this Social Media game. There’s about 30 social media services the last time I checked, and that’s strictly social media websites. But there’s only 3 that stand out like a sore thumb; Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you don’t have an account with all three of those, I suggest you stop and get them while they’re hot! Because if somebody happens to secure a spot with your name on it, too bad, you’re S.O.L.. The common thing that every Social Media websites have are:

#1. “The Traffic”
#2. “The User Activity”
#3. “The Stick’em Power”

Lets talk about traffic first off.   * “So, the more visitors you have, the more attractive your website is to a potential advertiser. Second, the higher traffic you have, the more money you will earn from your advertisers. The most basic traffic information you must know is the total number of monthly page-views and visitors. One ad view is counted as one impression. If a page contains 4 ads, there will be 4 ad impressions per page-view. You need to understand that web traffic is not equal in quality. Some is more desirable than other. For a local advertiser, visitors from a foreign country maybe irrelevant. Moreover, many locations and countries are known to generate fraudulent and inflated clicks so advertisers will want to target their ads to certain areas only. So the bottom line is that ‘traffic equals revenue’.”

So would you believe that there are websites that actually fictitiously come up with traffic statistics just to raise their advertising premium to a higher rate. It’s amazing to me how far some people will go, when they could put a little extra effort into their websites and generate their OWN traffic. That’s what I like so much about Facebook. It’s a website that can truly say they came from “Rags To Riches” in their come up.

The User Activity. The user activity is measured in a set of standards I created. My standards consist of 3 user types. First, you have the “Present Status” of a user, then the “Active Status” of a user, and finally the “Poser Status” type user. We’ll start with The “Present Status” of a user, meaning the user logs in in and somewhat uses the site, but primarily just checks his messages and or favorite spots and then bows out. Then there’s the “Active Status” typed user, which is when that user is very much active and engaged in the programs, features and incentives of the website. This person might be called, an Avid Social Media user. And rightfully so, when the avid user spends up to 3 hours PER DAY on social media websites. And to wrap up the user activity, you’ve got the “Poser Status” users which are a status in which the users pose as an Active User but they’re studying instead of messaging. They’re reading over your profiles, gaining solid information about you. (where you went to high school, where you traveled, whether or not you’re married). Those are all POWERFUL demographic stats that when you know them, you know how to market to them. That’s basically all the “Poser” does is absorb information and feed it into their spreadsheets. Obviously, that kind of traffic we’re not interested in. We’re looking for the “Active” users. So how do we generate more Active users? (We’ll save that question for another article.)

In a social media site, you give them good content, a place(s) to play and offer them incentives for joining and reaching a certain status on your site and that’s HOW you do it. And with that formula alone Facebook took a simple, and not even that good of an idea, but they knew their markets and that’s how it made Facebook into a multi-billion dollar website that it is today. Now, it’s advertising rival of such power sites as “The New York Times” and It’s definitely the largest of the 3 Social Media Giants, and rightfully so. Facebook wrote the book on social media, so why wouldn’t they be the leader.

Now for my favorite the “Stick-em Power” of a website. This is what makes Twitter so huge. They had 1 idea, sending a simple, and very small, message. That’s it. And they stuck with it and made it happen. Now to say “Tweet” the first thing you think of is Twitter where 15 years ago you used to think of Tweety Bird. Even today, people curse Twitter because it only allows 140 characters per message. But hey, most people don’t like to read long articles anyway. (and I hope you’re not one of them..hehe) But instead most people like little snippets of the news here and there, or a snippet of gossip, etc.. With that group of users, Twitter’s the best thing since sliced bread. And Google+, well they just have 10,000 features at your disposal. Right off, with Google+, you’ve got the entire Google Network at your fingertips. Secondly, there’s TONS of traffic primarily because Google converted 1/2 of its users straight from Gmail. And finally, with Google+, it has then innate ability to keep you focused. For example, their home page is narrow and long, instead of wide and short. That keeps you focused on what you’re reading instead of all the FLASHING LIGHTS that distract you. Plus, you get more flexibility over personalizing your profile with Google+. Not to mention, the word on the street is that Google+ is slowly overtaking Facebook and has already passed Twitter as far as the numbers go. So keep an eye on Google+, they might just pop up as #1 in the near future.

To wrap this up, it’s very important to understand that no formula has been generated on how to advertise USING Social Media Websites instead of advertising ON their websites. But I’m bound and determined to make one. I hope to create a formula that would teach the little websites on how to self-market themselves WITHOUT the need of expensive advertising and hidden fees. I hope to present a clear-fact based approach to how it works and why it works and then give you the tools to actually do it. Again, for FREE. The articles should be ready by March 1st, so keep an ear to the ground.

With that, I’ll say good luck with your endeavors and Happy Social Media surfing. 😉

* The excerpt used in this article was taken from an article on Website Traffic on the AdSpeed Blog. Clicking the previous  link will take you to the original article.

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