Love still makes the world go around.  You know why?  Because today I’m not writing to point out something bad happening in the news. I’m posting today to encourage.  I wanted to specifically address people who are hurting, wanting for something different in their lives.  People that are longing to connect with another human, to share an intimate moment with someone and not be hurt.  If that’s you, than this blog post is for you.  Make sure you watch the awesome video at the end.

I wrote this little poem thinking about all those who suffer each day right here in America. People trapped in a relationship, scared to get out.  This poem and Andy Grammar’s awesome song that follows the poem, are for you.  I hope it lifts your head up…

Lift your head up,
Things will change today
Lift your head up,
Don’t isolate yourself

Learning to live alone
Inside your own body is hard
Yearning to be alive again

Lift your head up,
Don’t let him hit you again
Lift your head up,
And look him in the eyes and say

I’d rather live alone then be with you.


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