“Are we running out of resources for websites?” In my humble opinion, the answer would be no.  Primarily it was due to the .COM boom, and the way it’s slowly become integrated into everything we did for almost a year and a half. Because according to a recent study I read on “E-commerce and how it Impacts Us Today”, there are just over 3o million online businesses who sell products or services online now currently.  That’s it?  That’s also counting the 24 million sellers on eBay and the 6 million on Toabao, China’s equivalent of Ebay.  There’s likely a little overlap between the two, so that’s at least 30 million resellers.  Yet the market is still ripe and ready for more.  

Did you know that there’s roughly 28 million small businesses in the US today.  And a small business is considered by government standards to be any business under 500 employees.  (Which is a strange fact, but it’s true.)   So think about that for a minute, there are 30 million online business and 28 million online businesses.  What they don’t tell you is that over 80% of those online businesses fail within the first 2 years of startup.   And the remaining 20% are struggling still.  I think the market is due for another shift in our direction.     Something to take us out of this place.   I mean 25 million isn’t a lot of money anymore . To be a successful business man in society’s eyes surely you’re bringing in at least $750-$950k/year.  So who cares what society thinks.   I’ve known a lot of wealthy people who don’t collect a weekly paycheck, yet they somehow sustain their lifestyle by accommodating and blessing others.

That’s when the good ideas get birthed and the monumental “staking” ceremony occurs.   You’ll know when it happens, because things will literally start tasting better. I’ve experienced these kinds of things for years now, the feeling of blessing someone when you’re in need, the act of giving out of your own quiver when you barely have enough to sustain itself. But up until now I’ve never had a real platform to talk about it.  So this is primarily what I mean about staking the land. This is what I mean by “Living Open Source.”

So if you stop and think about all the business statistics we were mentioning earlier, then there’s probably about 11-12 million online businesses out there that are ONLY ran by 1-2 people and more than likely, they haven’t made a profit since inception.  Why do you think that is?   Because they’ve become stale.   Don’t EVER become stale.  Stale in your thinking.  In your education and in your pursuit of happiness even.

Don’t be afraid to spend.

Don’t be afraid to spend money when necessary.  A poverty minded person is not a poor person.  It’s a person acts like their poor.   Now obviously,  good budget is always a rule of thumb.  But there are situations where you need drop money in your business……..DO IT!   What are you waiting for?   I think you should be buying at least 2 domains a month for the next year, then tell me where you are.  LOL .  I can promised you, just diversifying your income streams will help in itself.  But you’ll also know where your focus should be.   As I said earlier ppersonally, I think a domain name fee a cheap way to “Staking your Land”, but then of course you have to build something on it to give it some value.

In fact, that reminds me of a movie called Far and Away with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.  It’s about a young Irish poor boy, that leaves his nothing life behind for a rich girl, and a dream to own their own piece of land.  They were actually giving it away at this time in history.  Did you know that?  Thats right, in Oklahoma ca. 1893 they’d have plots and plots just chalked full of land sitting out in a row, and there was a starting line where all the potential land-owners would lined up and when the gunfire shot rang, they rode their horses, carriages, on foot, whatever they could find that would help get there before the next guy finds the best plot.   And you knew that particular spot of land was accounted for if there was a “stake in the land”.    All they had to do was “stake the  land’ to claim their free lot to build a home on.  To some, it was a lifelong dream that they had wished for all their lives.  To live in a that’s as blessed we are in the United States of America.

In fact, if it weren’t for our freedom of choice to work in whatever field we could live in a country that doesn’t offer assistance to start-up businesses, or a country that didn’t give tax incentives to small business owners.  I realize, not everything else in this country is in good shape, but the part of “having an opportunity” for “every” man just still makes me so glad to know the men who fathered this country believed in something bigger.  They were seeing past the marketplace of their age and into today’s age.  They saw this, “squander, squander, squander”.  They were confused about this and said, Mr. Lincoln, why is the 21st century doing nothing but squandering their livelihoods.   “They’re used to it.  And they’ve never seen better.”  It’s kind of like the old frog in the water pan story.   The frog will sit there an let itself boil to death if you slowly increase the heat.

Well business men and women , let this be your wake-up call.   There’s a new breed of business owners who believe in PEOPLE first and POWER second .   Who makes MONEY their slaves, not their GODS.   And who LIVES to help OTHERS, instead of DYING in their own SELF-PITY.   It’s time for men and women to join, network our resources stand for nothing less than total excellence in everything we do.   There’s not a specific event or reason for the lack of integrity in this country, specifically in the marketplace, but there is a definitely specific way to gain it back.  It’s very simple really.

#1.  Treat others as you would want to be treated.
This is pretty a much a no-brainer because it’s been said over history in every possible form.  Give and it shall be given.  You reap what sow.  You get the picture.

#2.  Being willing to give of yourself freely.
This is big one for some people to wrap their minds around, but being willing to give of yourself qualifies too.  I mean let’s face it, we can give a water bottle to kids in Africa, but we pay to build a self-sustaining water supply.  Shoot, I’d even volunteer to help build something like that.  In a situation like the most logical thing to do would be to give a donation.   In fact, if you’re reading this and you’re wondering, “I wonder where I could consider fitting in”.

FACT:  There are 1000 new ideas triggering synapses in our brains, in just one millisecond of time which is about 5 trillion x faster than our most advanced super computers. Like for me, my mind starts ramping up around 4pm-8pm.  So during that time frame is a good time to journal new ideas,  research a few things, etc.   It’s a great exercise of the mind and it makes for a fresh oven to bake those ideas into being.

So we’ve shown how staking the land can be as simple as a domain name purchase and a good journal.  Because it’s out of this rhetoric that we’ll find the inspiration for the next Google or Nike. You know, Nike sells shoes.  But you know when they started taking over. When they decided to BRAND around a common logo or them.  (i.e the Nike check mark).   Now, the brand alone is what sells their her products.

“It all started with a simple bar napkin idea.”


Not just retailers are getting in on the .COM markets game, there’s a lot of other unrelated ideas in a completely different service class of the business spectrum.  These would definitely include such services as the smaller e-commerce “build your own” website stores like Shopify.com and SupaDupa.com.  Even still, the market is so ripe it’s becoming more like the Golden Era again; time to buy….time to sell….time to Stake the Land!

There is so much business out there just waiting to be staked.  Why not buy a domain or two per month?  Develop the ideas, and see where it takes you.  You’re talking about a minimal investment.  Personally, I buy 3-4 domains per month.   I spend a total of $50 to “Stake the Land” and put my ideas in a good starting place, should I decide to build it further.   At worst, I’ll have a nice collection of domains that I could auction off down the line.

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